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Domain Name

SEO friendly, amazing domain name.


Beautiful custom design built on WordPress.

Front End Editor

Powered by Elementor. No coding needed.

Your Own Store

Woo Commerce, the industry standard.

Selling Features

Sell on Facebook, Etsy, Ebay and more.

Mailing List

Full-featured newsletter to update clients.

Details is a premium domain name and custom-designed website. If you are a lover and seller of vintage goodies and antiques, this can be the perfect website for you.


Everything is admin’d from the back end of this WordPress website. WordPress is the industry standard CMS (content management system.) It is a rock solid platform and always updated.


Though there is some learning curve, it is a truly wonderful e-commerce solution for anyone wanting to sell online. You can offer many forms of payment options, and the WooCommerce plugin is filled to the brim with options. The customization options are endless with the hundreds of plugins available to add to your store’s functionality. One feature I added is the “wishlist”. Your customers can browse and add items to their wishlist!


Much of the site has been developed with Elementor, a visual and very popular front-end design tool. Even if you have never written a scrap of code and have never built a site, Elementor makes it easy to take control of your own online business with ease. Change colors, fonts, anything! Stunning animations included!

NO Hidden Costs

Best of all, WordPress, Woo-Commerce and Elementor are all open-source and FREE. What does that mean for you? It means once you buy this, you own it and will not have to pay for anything monthly to anyone (except whatever web hosting you choose to go with).


A custom site like this easily costs a few thousand or more. I am selling this website for $575. If you are interested in making this YOUR vintage shop, feel free to get in touch and make your offer.


  • Social Media Sharing & Posting
  • Instagram integration
  • Sell on Etsy and Ebay


  • Facebook Messenger Chat
  • Sell on Facebook
  • Newsletter/Mailing List


  • Contact Form
  • Powerful Blogging System
  • Security & Backup

Frequently asked questions

For the purchase price of $379, you get:

  • domain name.
  • The custom-built website and shop.
  • FULL assistance in helping you transfer all ownership to your own hosting and domain account.

*Domain Registration costs $15 a year through GoDaddy (or other registrar of your choosing).

*Website Hosting can be as cheap as a few dollars a month, depending on your needs. GoDaddy also offers this. I will help you move the site to wherever you choose.

*Don’t feel stressed or in a rush. I can keep it on my server for a specified amount of time, by you, until you are ready to move.

  • A domain name is a .com, .net. .org etc. The actual name you search and type into the browser.

A domain name costs around $12 to $15 a year to renew through GoDaddy.

  • Web hosting is what “hosts” the domain so it has it’s own space on the internet. 

Hosting is usually paid per month. GoDaddy also offers hosting so if you have no experience I recommend using them. Their hosting plans vary from a few dollars a month on up. Your plan will depend on how much space you want, or extra features. This is a store so I would recommend a medium size plan.

The purchase price does not include further customization services. However, I will provide a lot of great information and resources on how to manage your website and store. 

You are free to contact me with questions after purchase, within reason of course. I love to help my customer as much as my time allows. It is important that you have a good buying experience.

If you require further customization and don’t feel you can take on the tasks yourself, I offer reasonable rates. 

Do not hesitate to contact me with questions!

You may also email me directly: darlanne @ gmail. com

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